Monday, October 7, 2019

The Island at the End of Time

Shrouded in the mists of time and space exists an island, that is shrouded, at least partially in mist also. On this island exists an anomaly that pulls in people and objects from throughout time.  Lost a sock? It’s probably here somewhere. Lost a Battalion? Probably here as well. For those unfortunate souls that have been unfortunate enough to be soullessly flung all willy-nilly through the space time continuum and arrive here are, as far as it is known, stranded here forever. No one, to anyone’s knowledge has ever escaped the island. Matter-of-factly, most people find it difficult to even survive, let alone prance about the island with enough free time to search for a way off. Nay, all the survivors are convinced that every other band of survivors, at least initially of course, are monsters, madmen or miscreants that must be dealt with, and rather harshly I might add. It is only much, much, later after suffering many casualties, deaths, setbacks, horrible diseases and the like, does it occur to them that cooperation, might be an option. I say might be, if one is able to overcome, language barriers, cultural barriers and all other manner of barriers that keep decent folk from working together.

Well there you have it!

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