Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Red Gang

These guys, and gal belong one of the factions for the new 1930's Civil War that I am starting. They are Warlord Games partisans but I will be using them as American Communists. I haven't decided yet if I want to do a Farmers Union or the Heywood Brigade of the IWW. Though I am leaning toward the latter given the treatment of IWW members locally in 1917. Tarring and feathering is not something likely to be forgotten or forgiven so easily. So the Chief of Police and the Sons of Liberty beware, some payback is coming. 

I wanted to give each of these guys something to set them apart, and make the faction they belong to instantly recognizable. So I opted to give each of them a splash of red, hat bands, arm bands, and the striped blanket. On the middle guy I originally painted his pants all black. Then later I was looking through some pictures when I came across some of some inmates from the 30's wearing the classic black and white prison stripes. I figured it would be a nice addition and add some character, so I painted the white stripes on.

Cut out from the picture above due to being way out focus, are the two models on the right. The woman I painted in a red plaid skirt, with matching hunting cap. Just because you are fighting it does not mean that you have to clash. The fellow on the far right, is known as mister "fancy pants" because of his very stylish striped pants. I know, it's hard to make out, but they are very nice pants, just got them off of the corpse of a capitalist oppressor this morning.