Monday, February 3, 2014

Partisan Painting Party

So two Saturday's ago I was apparently in the mood to paint. All together I managed to paint 36 miniatures in a single day, now THAT is amazing! Then on Tuesday I painted another dozen miniatures, which put me at around 4 dozen in less than a week. My usual output is more like 3-4 a week.

Now these are my usual level of painting not speed painting. Still, I won’t be winning any Major Awards (like the one below), but they won’t stand out like a sore thumb among the usual rabble.

 Here you go. The best that I can manage. Now if I could just learn how to take some decent photos, that would be something else amazing. Really, it took me multiple attempts to get decent photos over the course of the week. I painted mostly partisans, 29 total and then 7 Black Legion soldiers for my VACW game. I would like to use the partisans for both games, but it turns out that I wasn't really thinking about this when I put them together. So I ended up putting a lot of German and Soviet equipment in their hands, and quite a few of the weapons and equipment came out after 1938, or otherwise would not have been widely available. Still, I have more figs I can put together and will try and do some VACW American Legion members and some people for various factions, depending on what I have left.

Yep, my partisan commander has a sword. Why not?

So I know someone probably have something to say about the colorful and character filled, if somewhat ahistorical hats. I just want to say, I like them, and don’t care if my partisan’s look as if they raided the Golf Pro shop.  :P

Okay so I missed a couple of partisan guys so I put them in with the Black Legion goons.


  1. VACW historical accuracy? i applaud your efforts!

    1. Not historically accurate as it is an alternate history, but I wanted to keep things at least period. Thanks.

  2. A nice mix of characters, nicely painted.