Monday, March 31, 2014

Mediterranean Barn

Well, it's been one of those months. I worked on quite a bit of stuff done and actually got some of it done. Though it never seems like I dig myself out from under the pile of projects in the works. That's probably because I keep starting things, and never finishing them. So this post is dedicated to a project that I was totally excited about, jumped into without any planing and managed to get everything done, except flocking the base in a couple of days. Then I promptly set it on the shelf where it has sat since that day in early November. There were a few more things I had originally planned, like adding a broken down wagon to the dung pile behind the barn, paint the pigs a little better, but things can always be done later if I get in the mood. Right now, I am going to pronounce this done, even if it kinda isn't really...

Fritz takes a peak around the corner spotting the Greek Andartes who are guarding the tsipuro still.


  1. That's nice! Can't find the dung pile though.

    1. It's not that big or well defined. It's the little bare mound next to the two Germans in the second picture. It's just getting started. Maybe it needs a little green to make it look like horse poo? Probably should have made it bigger like all the huge piles I got to shovel as a child.

    2. That and I need to find something to use for straw or hay to mix in with it. Modeling shit piles just doesn't seem to be one of my strengths. Lol