Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pin Markers

For the last year I have been using Red Cross markers as pin markers for my Bolt Action games. To be honest, one of the reasons I enjoy the game is the scenery, man do I love some good terrain and buildings. So it always seems to rub me the wrong way when we are playing a game and there are dice being used as pin marker, and even my own markers look out of place on an otherwise awesome table. I know, it's just one of those things that are a necessary evil to run games and keep track of things. The pin markers Warlord sells just don't look right to me. The rifle and helmet symbol is one used to mark graves and might make for a nice scenic element but they just look out of place in my opinion. The guys over at the WWPD forums have some good dial markers that looked interesting, but these were a bit beyond my ability.

Well I started thinking of what I could use that would be less visually intrusive. Eventually I came up with the idea of using something that looked like a bullet kicking some dirt up into the air. After all, I already had some smoke and explosion markers, so this should fit in well with what I already have. I also thought this would be really cool as it captures that old war movie / action vibe and would, if done right, look pretty sweet.

So I tried sculpting some. After all, how damn hard could it be? Well after half a dozen tries I gave up and started looking around the internet for something that matched my needs. After a few weeks of looking the only thing that I came up with was using some Armorcast cinematic effects muzzle flashes. I took these, turned them sideways and mounted them on 1/2" washer base with some green stuff.

After the green stuff hardened I painted and flocked them. I am hoping the flock will help them blend in with the game mat. The results were okay. I mean, I am not totally blown away by the look, but I think they will serve better than my old Red Cross markers or some dice.

Now if you work for Armorcast, or Warlord Games. I want...nay, I need! some really cool pin markers that look like dirt getting kicked up from some machinegun fire. So get to it!

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