Sunday, September 15, 2013

.50 Cal Jeep

I finally got around to putting together my U.S. jeep by Warlord Games that I bought over a year ago. It was something that I just love the look of, but because my U.S. force languished while I worked on my Germans and Soviets, it just got put aside.When my 2 1/2 ton truck arrived after being on back order for six months I dug my jeep out again and put both of the vehicles together. Then I left both of them sitting on the shelf all summer unpainted.

"Sir, Alpha Company reports that they have discovered an intact wine cellar at a Chateau just up the road"

The assembly was very easy and took about 15 minutes. Which left me wondering why I hadn't gotten to doing this earlier. The kit comes with a driver and nothing else. So I looked around the internet trying to find some extra crew because it looked rather empty. I found some good vehicle figures at Old Glory Miniatures from Westwind's, Berlin or Bust line of figures. I was going to order these, but life was so hectic this summer I just never go around to it. So later in the summer, in an effort to get some stuff finished and put away I started chopping up some of my extra figs from my War Games Factory Americans.

"Private, get to that wine cellar before those bastards drink all of the good stuff"

I had to remove the legs with an exacto knife and reposition them so that I could get them into the jeep. Overall the figs were a good size match for the jeep and look pretty good. The gunner is loading the .50 cal in preparation to fire, while the commander is holding his binocs in one hand and pointing to something with the other.

"load that .50 cal soldier, I want anyone who touches the 1921 Conti before I arrive shot"

The .50 cal is from Company B and was pretty easy to mount. The driver I altered slightly by sawing off the top of his knit cap and sticking a helmet over the top of it. This was it looks as if it is about to fall off, or he has it sitting on top of his head as if so he can hear the radio chatter over the walkie talkie better. I then also removed the rifle from his right hand and added a walkie talkie using green stuff and a little wire.  As usual, the painting is mediocre and the photos are atrocious.

Perhaps some day the U.S. decals that I ordered though my LGS and Warlord Games will come in and I can pretty up some of my American Vehicles. However, I have pretty much just given up hope that these will materialize before I drop dead.