Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shell Craters by Plastruct

A quick lunch time project for today. I bought these Plastruct plastic moon scape sheets a while back and  primed them, but the paint I used turned out to be gloss, so they have been sitting around and collecting dust ever since because I keep forgetting to pick up some non-gloss primer for them. So last night I finally bought some flat brown primer and started working on these.

I plan on using them as shell craters and areas of rough terrain for my Bolt Action games. The sheets come two to a pack and cost around $10.00 - 12.00 and can be found at most any hobby store. If you shop at Hobby Lobby you can get them at 40% off. If not, it is still a good deal, and an easy project.

The priming took no time at all and after that was done I went to sleep. During my lunch, since I am at home today I decided to get this done.

Still some shiny spots but I am hoping that further painting and a coat of matte finish will take care of that.

The first thing I did was to dry brush a lighter brown area on the high points to give it some visual depth and relief. Overall it took less than five minutes. I threw in one of the DAK guys I am working on for scale.

After that dried I used a brush and some Modge Podge (PVA) glue and stippled the area around the craters with glue. Then I threw on some green flocking and shook off the excess, and viola, I am done. Nothing fancy, just some simple, serviceable shell craters.

Maybe I went a little heavy on the glue and flocking.

Total time for this project was less than 20 minutes, and the total cost was approximately $10.00. So there is no reason not to have some of these for your table.


  1. A buddy of mine bought two packs of those and just finished the first set of them. He was telling me they look great. I hope to get some snaps of them this weekend to post. Apparently this company has very reasonable prices.

    Great work on yours!

    1. They are pretty good for the price, and if you take your time they should be even better than what I could knock out on my break. I think it would be cool to do some water effects in the shell craters. Looking forward to those pictures.

    2. Yea, my friend was telling me that he based his on mdf to make them a bit more durable, added dead trees and other things.

    3. I was going to see how it works without a base. If I have trouble with it laying flat I will put it on an mdf base. The dead trees are a great idea, and I know where to get some really good tree stumps in resin. Armand Bayardi makes some great looking stuff, not in 28mm but they still work.

  2. I really like the effect - I'll have to look out for these, they'll do well for my Sanwar home land.